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Emergency Services Rowing Challenge


Toowong Rowing Club (TRC) gives thanks to the Queensland Emergency Services—Ambulance, Fire, and Police—for their service and commitment to our community in the best way we know, a rowing race.

After the last Head of the Brisbane race, Emergency Services crews, comprised of members of the Ambulance, Fire, and Police, will race from a starting point between the Guyatt Park Ferry Terminal to the Toowong Rowing Club pontoon; they will race a distance of approximately 700 metres, to raise funds for their respective charities:

Please, join us in supporting this oarsome cause by donating online.

Why not support each group equally, as they equally support us.

Keep up to date on the crews' training sessions and blister formation (there will be plenty of blistered hands) on our Facebook page: @HeadOfTheBrisbane, or Instagram:@headofbrisbane.

We encourage friends, family, Emergency Services colleagues, and the public to rally together to cheer on all the emergency service crews. Register your interest to watch the race live at Toowong Rowing Club or the many vantage points along the river.

ES race course