All crews and their family and friends are encouraged to stick around for the Awards & Medal Presentations, which we will run about 1 to 1.5 hours after the last race of the morning: the EMERGENCY SERVICES CHALLENGE.

DON'T PANIC: We will follow the same race plan as 2020, including reduced times in between the races, which means we will be off the water earlier, enabling us to schedule the medals presentation.

The set time for the medals presentation will allow crews who rowed to TRC time to get back to their sheds to offload boats and oars and get back to TRC with heaps of time for refreshments and the medals ceremony. It will also give crews who brought trailers time to load their boats and oars, shower, and eat without panicking that they will miss the presentation. It will also give us time to collate the medals and trophies to ensure the right crews get their swag.

Food will be available in the Toowong Rowing Club function centre, and the bar will be open.