Spectators and coaches are encouraged to join their crews in participating in the event.

Vantage points for those on foot or bike include:

  • the TRC precinct (make sure you don't block RQ's view of the start and finish lines)
  • the verandah of the TRC function centre
  • the Eleanor Schonell (Green) Bridge
  • the foreshore along the Brisbane Corso
  • Paringa Place Park offers spectators the perfect position to watch crews navigate the turn.
TRC verandah
TRC verhandah for seating, race briefing, and commentary.


Spectator craft can moor along the course provided that they stay out of the normal racing lines for the rowing boats.

In order to ensure a fair and safe race for the rowers, Course Marshals and other spectator water craft should not follow the field until the last boat for the regatta has passed them.


Eleanor Schonell Bridge
Spectator Vantage Point-Eleanor Schonell Bridge


Spectator Vantage Points
Spectator Vantage Points along the river